Our Moodboard Exercise Template brings Visual Inspiration to your Creative Process

How to evoke the right mood when all you have are words? For this reason, creative teams turn to moodboards – a visual representation of your ideas. Thanks to our new Moodboard exercise template, designers and clients can create and add inspiring moodboards online and kick off each creative project with more alignment!

Thanks to feedback from our users, we know that HolaBrief is being used to get everyone on the same page early on in projects. But what if you could continue to use HolaBrief in the following stages of your creative projects as well?

? The Need for Visual Inspiration

The research phase of creative projects, marketing campaigns, branding, and application development, especially in relation to UX/UI design, involves a lot of work containing visual research, usability patterns, colors, textures, and a lot of other things that are hard to grasp in words and require visual support.

?‍♀️ Tool Diet

During our User Research, we discovered that some users had to leave HolaBrief and use other tools to create visual inspiration. This means: Using two tools, yet another account to manage and worry about, and another line in the expenses.

? Moodboard Tool Development

The words Moodboard tool kept popping up in our conversations with teams using HolaBrief, and we decided to prioritize this in our development roadmap. As we deepened into the topic of a moodboard exercise, we understood that the HolaBrief Moodboard had to have at least these three requirements:

1. Be able to represent images from different sources nicely

2. Import these images as easily as possible

3. Be flexible in use

With that in mind, our development and design team worked their magic, in order for HolaBrief to incorporate a Moodboard exercise that meets the needs of our users.

? New Moodboard Exercise Template

From today, the HolaBrief Moodboard Exercise Template is available immediately to all users on the Pro plan. Once you have everything you need, you can upload your imagery to your Moodboard in HolaBrief, where you can visually present your ideas to your client.

At HolaBrief we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to the tools you use, you can transform the HolaBrief Moodboard and cover more parts of your design process: storyboards, presentations, and a lot more.

Interested in getting the discovery of your project off the ground faster? Sign up for our Pro plan and evoke the right mood and convey your ideas clearly with a beautiful moodboard online, added to each creative brief.