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Add team members to the project and make the briefing process more open, collaborative and effective.

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Make sharing information with your team easier by adding your own files to the project, from reports to presentations to styleguides.

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Make HolaBrief your own by adding your logo and colors onto the platform, public links and PDF’s.

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HolaBrief is a fantastic tool that has changed the way that we engage with our clients. It allows us to start each engagement on the foundation of establishing brand strategy to base all design and experience deliverables off of.
Travis Halff Founder & Chief Strategist at Y'all
We use HolaBrief in every project and it’s great. Everyone in the team knows what our customers expect and where we want to go with them.
Billion Gebregzi Brand Expert at hatchery
I just started a new job at a Learning & Development startup, and working with HolaBrief really boosted my confidence even though it was a tiny thing. It helped to get my thoughts in order, after spending a week doing nothing but research.
Sueryna Zahir Training Facilitator at Second Sigmoid
HolaBrief comes in to fill a big gap in the R&D/Strategy stage of the creative workflow. This beautifully designed app it's really insightful and provides top notch help text for each section to help get your creative juices flowing. I can't wait to see it grow and become a central part the modern designer's toolbox.
Chiara Mensa Senior UI/UX Designer
HolaBrief was an excellent tool in creating a brief with my client! The user interface and workflow are put together in a logical manner that leads you to insightful thoughts and strategic mindset with your clients! It was a most handy tool in which covered 99% of the questions required in the strategic phase of a project. I would definitely use this outline again when leading future strategic sessions and creating briefs with clients!

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