Creative Briefing Masterclass

for creatives

Learn how a creative brief can help you become more strategic, making your work more effective and valuable for your clients and building long-lasting relationships with them.

In this series of videos, Stef from Let’s Talk Branding guides you through every step of the briefing process and shows you how to take it to the next level with HolaBrief.

Stef Hamerlinck Brand Strategist Let’s Talk Branding

  • Why briefing matters

    Understand why a solid briefing process is key to brand strategy and how HolaBrief can help you set an inspiring creative brief together with your client.

  • Why work together with your client

    The benefits of working together with your client from day one to find the right solution, and how this will make the overall design process smooth and professional.

  • Project definition

    Settings clear expectations is crucial to take any creative project to a good end. Learn how the Project Overview and Project Goals exercises can help you have everyone on the same page.

  • Key questions to start with

    Asking the right Rational and Inspirational Questions will help you uncover valuable information that will move the project in the right direction.

  • Know your audience

    Understanding the audience you are creating for is key, after all you are designing for them, not for your client. Creating solid Personas will allow see the brand from their perspective.

  • The art of positioning

    Positioning is the heart of brand strategy. Find ways to differentiate your client from its competitors by adding Competitors Map and Positioning Map to your creative brief.

  • Finding the brand voice

    By including the Brand Voice and Inspiring Brands exercises in your creative briefs, you will begin to see the brand personality and imagine how it will look while you are still in the briefing phase.

  • Stef says bye!

    Stef signing out from HolaBrief Creative Briefing Masterclass.