Creative Briefing Software HolaBrief Is Out Of Beta Testing Phase

HolaBrief's online briefing software has left the Beta testing phase. Upcoming product development plans include a custom branding feature, adding more team members to the online briefing tool, language support and adding more exercises with different focus areas for your next creative brief.

When we started out, we didn’t know what to expect to be honest. It’s pretty scary to enter the Beta testing phase as a SaaS startup and start asking for feedback – honest feedback actually, the one that’s the scariest..

The response from our beta testers was surprisingly great. We got some interesting feedback about usability, great ideas for new features (some of them already developed, some on the backlog) and amazing words of support.

All in all the experience was astounding and it gave us the confidence and clarity we needed to move forward into a new phase that starts today: HolaBrief is leaving the Beta testing phase!

This is very exciting news for us and as I mentioned before we couldn’t have reached this milestone without the support of our Beta testers. They helped us develop a product that is already now helping designers to align better with their clients, feel more valuable and attract leads that value their work.

So what’s next you might ask? 

HolaBrief and long-term plans are not a good match, so we prefer to be more realistic and focus on the next 6 months. Our roadmap, among other things, includes: 


We know how important is to look professional and keep your brand consistent in front of clients. Very soon we will start working on the custom branding feature so we can make HolaBrief yours. 

Language support

As of today we have users from 89 countries and gradually we will translate the tool into different languages. Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Polish, Danish are already on the list. 


Soon you will be able to add more team members to your projects, manage roles and more. Bear with us.

Exercises / Templates

There will come more templates/exercises and we will improve existing ones. The one we are already planing will make your briefings more comprehensive and versatile. At the same time we aim to improve some of the existing templates to make sure you get the best possible brief for your next project. 

Looks like a lot to do in 6 months… but, we survived the Beta testing phase! So we are pretty confident that we’ll survive the next phase as well. Want to try it out? Sign up for our creative briefing tool, we offer 7 days of free trial.

And again, a million thanks to our fantastic Beta testers that gave us feedback like this: