Save Time with a Library of Templates and Easy Duplication of Strategic Exercises

Time is money. When juggling different creative projects at the same time, we made sure you can easily duplicate parts of your discovery documents or save them as templates for the next projects so you can focus on what you do best. Check out what’s new this month:

? Duplicate exercises, save time!

You can already save any exercise or project workflow as a template, so you never have to do the same work twice. We elaborated on this request to have a more efficient process by making sure it’s even possible to duplicate exercises within your project discovery workflow.   

The difference between this and saving as a template is that the duplicate will also duplicate the exercise including content. When you save as a template you only save the structure but not the content. 

Duplicating could be useful when you are preparing User Personas or Interactive graphs that are slightly similar and only need a few adjustments or you want to create a moodboard similar to an existing one; you can duplicate it and change a few images. 

? Improvements

Changes are updated in real-time.

Now when you change a project name or exercise status, the project sidebar will be updated automatically. Before the sidebar was updated when you navigated to a new page.

Easy navigation through workspaces.

We applied a new design to the workspace switch so you can now easily see in which workspace you are working.

? Bug Fixes

Smooth Switches.  

We fixed the switch component – part of a set of elements to create your own workflow in exercises – that wasn't working properly.

Smooth Safari ride.

We improved the experience of the Moodboard Exercise using the Safari browser.

Have more feature requests or improvement wishes? Write to us with your suggestions and we’ll be all ears.