More Customisation of Your Discovery Process and Improved Project Sharing

From more ways to customize your discovery process, to powerful improvements to be more gender-inclusive, we’ve been hard at work this month! Here’s an overview of some key updates we shipped:

? Customize sidebar sections

As part of one of our latest product updates, the HolaBrief sidebar empowers our users to tailor client intake, strategy, and briefing to their needs, as it is an intuitive way to guide clients through the discovery process. Now we took it a step further: We made sure our users can customize the default sections on the sidebar and drag and drop exercises as they wish. Flowing through your own process, from client onboarding to client intake to briefing to discovery to specifications, has never been easier!

? Edit text format

We know how important it is for our users to customize the tool to their own needs. Now respondents can edit the format of their answers (in text areas). They can edit the text to bold or italic, highlight important sections or add links. In the same text area, it’s now possible to add pictures or embed videos. With this new feature, you’ll get even more clarity and notice faster what’s important.

? Elaborate on answers that state 'other'

Now multiple/single choice questions allow the "other" option so respondents can elaborate more on why they chose “other”.

? Improvements

Customize labels of diagrams and sliders.

The secret sauce of HolaBrief is no doubt the interactive strategy tools. With this improvement, users can customize the labels of all components, for example on the priority slider it’s now possible to change the wording and use this element in a different way.

Invite members to multiple projects.

Before inviting members was only possible from within each separate project. Now users can easily invite a team member to multiple projects in one action, from the Team Manager on the top menu.

Gender inclusivity. 

The copy of the tool got a major improvement by making it gender-inclusive. We removed all the references to he/she.

? Bug Fixes

Small bugs and stability improvements.

Have more feature requests or improvement wishes? Write to us with your suggestions and we’ll be all ears. ?