Limitless Discovery Workflows with Multiple User Personas or Positioning Maps

Ultimately we want our tool to help your clients arrive at a greater understanding in your projects while at the same time pushing your creativity. With these new features, you are set up to distill otherwise complex topics into an easy-to-communicate structured discovery process with visual diagrams. Check out what’s new this month:

? Limitless discovery workflows

Struggling to showcase your briefing, discovery, or brand strategy and the verbal ideas surrounding your projects in strong visual ways that help your clients understand? We finally made sure you can create your own client discovery workflow with as many exercises from our template library as you wish.

Now you can add the same exercise multiple times to the same project flow. This is useful if you want to add multiple visual diagrams, different questionnaires, or set up your own specifications lists.

In the example below, we are adding the same strategy diagram to our brand strategy workflow but using it in different ways like The Golden Circle, A stakeholder Map, and Competitor Map.

? Improvements

More flexibility when working with sub exercises.

Before you had to first complete a sub exercise in order to add a new one. When working on Personas, for example, you could only add a new Persona if the first one was completed. Now you can add as many sub Personas or Positioning Maps as you wish and work in all of them at the same time.

? Bug Fixes

Save as template.  

We fixed a bug that was preventing users from saving the customized labels of the Inspiring brands and Project Goals exercise when they saved them as their own template.

Tags with long text.

We fixed a bug that was breaking the view of tags when the text was long. Now the long text will be cut automatically.

Have more feature requests or improvement wishes? Write to us with your suggestions and we’ll be all ears.