New Fun Ways to Ask Questions and Dig Deeper during Client Discovery

This month we’re making it easier to discover your client’s goals and needs in a way that’s fun for everyone! Find out what features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped this month:

? Image Selector Component

Leave boring questionnaires behind! When setting up a creative brief for your project, it’s important to also ask for visual preferences. Be it what font style you should be using for a print project, or which visual style of brand personality the project should have. With our new Image Selector Component, you can discover your client’s goals and needs in a way that’s fun for everyone.

? Customisable Onion Graph Exercise

Our interactive strategic exercises are the secret sauce of HolaBrief. Without strategic analysis during discovery, the resulting creative brief will lack the foundation you need to create standout work. So what started out as the setup of a Competitor Mapping exercise, can now be adapted to any onion graph of your choice! With this new feature, you can edit the labels on the Competitors Map exercise and transform them into a Stakeholder Map exercise or even into The Golden Circle Exercise from Simon Sinek. Possibilities are endless, only your strategic mind is needed!

? Improvements

Clearer team roles in the project dashboard.

This small UI improvement will help users to see their role in a project, in a more consistent way across the platform. Before the only roles that could be assigned were “member and owner”. Now teams can be divided in Admin, Editor or Guest and project owners are clearly shown. Pending invites of team members to the project and re-sending of invites can now all be accessed on the project dashboard of your projects.

The project owner lists first.

This small UX improvement makes sure that the project owner is shown always as the first user on the project dashboard.

? Bug Fixes

Small bugs and stability improvements.

Have more feature requests or improvement wishes? Write to us with your suggestions and we’ll be all ears. ?