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What is an Application Development Brief?

Although you could have a clear mental image of your idea, you will still need to be able to articulate it in textual form to complete a brief. A mobile app brief condenses all of the essential information regarding your development project into a concise format, as the document's name strongly suggests.

The purpose of a brief is to compile all the information relevant to the project and relay that information to any potential technology partners. A mobile app brief is an open declaration of ambition that sheds light on why the project is being undertaken.

Every partner, even if it is a top app development firm or they have worked on several similar projects, needs to be familiar with your brand and vision for the project to be successfully managed. The mobile app requirement brief lays a solid foundation and gets the job done in the best possible way.

A mobile app brief provides a road map for creating a mobile application by outlining the requirements that need to be met at each stage of the development process. This assists them in selecting the appropriate tools and technologies for your project.

Benefits of Implementing a Mobile App Brief?

A mobile app development brief is a thought starter; it functions as a springboard to improve the idea and materialize it into a powerful product. It is also a thought starter. When the appropriate amount of time and effort is invested in creating a comprehensive mobile app requirement brief, the foundation is laid for an app that satisfies the needs of your target audience, helps solve problems, and contributes to accomplishing the goals that have been established.

Creating a brief is the first step in any partnership with a software development team. It allows developers to comprehend your company's areas of specialization, target markets, and goals.

In addition, by providing a brief, your technology partner will be able to learn what kind of mobile application you intend to construct and how you intend to use it in the future. This will enable the company to select the appropriate technologies, methodologies, and tools. By outlining your requirements in advance, you can ensure that the end result will live up to your standards.

How to Write an App Development Brief? A Tested Outline

Because there are no documents specifying the particulars of what needs to be done, a significant number of disagreements arise between the customer and the developer. Eliminating ambiguity, providing a notion of the job scope and complexity, and making it easier to determine the amount of time required for project implementation are all benefits of having a brief that has been meticulously crafted and describes the requirements. In addition, we will include a link to a completed mobile app requirements document template later on in this piece, and you are free to make use of it in the work that you are doing.

Project Overview

Describe the function that your program serves. Which kind of difficulties does it alleviate for the people who are its primary audience? Or, perhaps it assists them in accomplishing a particular objective. Your description must include the most important aspect of the program.

You should also outline your company's profile, even if it is just you and a friend working together as a startup at this point. That is a wonderful place to start off when you are having a conversation. Share with developers the core values and objectives of your company. Your technology partners will have a clearer image in their heads as they move forward with the execution of the primary features of your app now that they are aware of these insights.


It is time to specify the app that will be used. The section on goals and objectives will act as a point of reference for developers, as well as leads and clients who wish to remain informed.

What are some of the goals that you have for your mobile application? What are some of the most pressing issues facing society or industry that it intends to address? To those who might be interested in utilizing the app, what are the primary advantages of doing so? This section needs to include key performance indicators (KPIs) that have been developed using a standardized process of goal-setting.

Product Description and Features

Indicate whether or whether you require geolocation, push notifications, and other capabilities that are required. Specify the app needs that are necessary to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself and make a note of the characteristics that are less crucial.

It is essential for every development business to have a comprehensive understanding of each technical facet in order to build your software in the correct manner. After all, you want it to be appealing and easy to use for the customers that you will have in the future, don't you? Create a thorough list to ensure that no component of the product will be overlooked throughout the development stage.

Target Users

The motivation behind your product comes from the people you intend to sell it to. You need to make sure that the development team has complete knowledge about this group of people because it is vital for developing a user experience that is ideal and selecting the features for your app.

Even the most minute decisions about the user interface color grading and the positioning of navigational elements can vary greatly based on the audience profile; therefore, you should take the time to correctly establish your audience profile.

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Roadmap and Deliverables

A mobile app brief provides a road map for the creation of a mobile application by outlining all the stages of the development process. This assists them in selecting the appropriate tools and technologies for your project.

This gives your client the opportunity to share their thoughts with you regarding the path you are taking the brand in, enabling you to adjust before it is too late.

Build and Download your App Development Brief Sample

Developing a successful advertising short calls for an investment of time, effort, and collaboration. You now have access to tried-and-true mobile app development brief templates as a result of the years of research we conducted with thousands of different organizations. With HolaBrief, you can construct your app development brief within a dynamic document, which makes this stage significantly more effective.

Before the brief is utilized as a template or delivered to the customer for evaluation, each department has the ability to simultaneously add to, comment on, and amend sections of the document. Because it is not even necessary for them to register an account on HolaBrief, gathering feedback from your customers has never been simpler than it is now.

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Ready to create standout work in less time?

Join 1000s of agencies using HolaBrief to set up their projects for success.

Ready to create standout work in less time?

Join 1000s of agencies using HolaBrief to set up their projects for success.