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What is a Product Marketing Brief?

A product marketing brief is a document that provides an overview of a marketing campaign in order to ensure that all parties involved have access to the same information and can work together effectively. It is able to assist the marketing team in planning their creative tactics, and it maintains executive and stakeholder awareness of the product that is currently being marketed. A product marketing brief compiles all of the essential information necessary for the marketing of a product, such as details about the client, the product itself, and any relevant deadlines.

The brief provides an overview of the procedure for aligning product positioning with customer needs to increase the likelihood that customers will purchase and use the targeted products. Bringing the product to market and ensuring it is marketable are the two most important steps. We accomplish this through gaining an awareness of the issues faced by our customers and presenting our product as a solution to those challenges.

The objective of the product marketing brief is to increase the demand for a product among already-existing clients and encourage their adoption of it. It is centered on the actions consumers do to purchase your product so that product marketers can design campaigns to support this kind of activity.

Benefits of Writing a Product Marketing Brief

Even though it can sound unnecessary to write one, a product marketing brief is a great tool to kickstart your project with the right foot. It will put everyone on the same page, from the client (internal or external), the designer, the marketer, and the product manager. Therefore, it fosters collaboration and makes everyone share their opinion in a constructive way.

Building a product market brief also makes everyone accountable since it’s widely known when the project starts and ends, which are the expected results and who is responsible for what. You cannot go wrong by beginning your projects with a product marketing brief.

How to write a Product Marketing Creative Brief? A Tested Outline

There are a great number of different ways in which one can mess up the product marketing brief. Therefore, what should you do to do it right?

Your brief must still include some fundamental pieces of information to have any chance of being understood by the audience and for the creative product that meets your needs. These pieces of information include what we are saying, to whom we are saying it, what we want them to do, what the requirements are, where it will run, and when we need it.

Project and Product Overview

When people open the product marketing brief, they should first read an overview of the entire project. This part aims to act as an introduction to the entire undertaking and respond to one of the most crucial questions: why are we building this? The response, despite the fact that it can appear to be unimportant at first, acts as a compass throughout the entire process. It is evident that the efforts will not be in vain, and there is someone who will profit from the finished product. Knowing this helps fuel motivation because it is clear that there is someone who will gain from the finished product.

In addition, make sure that you include all of the essential facts of the project, such as the name of the project, the brand that is being promoted, timetables for each stage of the approval process, and the date by which the project is completely due. Include who is seeking the job, who is producing the brief, and who will ultimately be the approver of the project, if applicable. This final factor is sometimes overlooked, despite the fact that it is essential, as it will assist the creative team in deciding how to design their creative proposal to increase the likelihood of it being approved, hence reducing the time needed for its turnaround.

Target Audience

You could already have developed personas that you can append to your marketing brief for further explanation. It's possible that there will be a primary audience and a secondary audience. Include the maximum amount of detail that you think is appropriate.

Also, define the problem or pain point that your product solves for the target audience, how they feel about your product, brand, or service, and any information that supports why they are likely to believe the promise that your marketing or advertising is making to them.

In HolaBrief we have an interactive Customer Persona exercise that you and your client can use for free.

Competitive Analysis

Competition analysis studies how your business compares to others in the market. That is to say; you do an examination of the company that constitutes your rival. When conducting a marketing competition analysis, you will evaluate your competitors' strong and weak points. You make an effort to determine what kinds of circumstances would present an opportunity for them. Find scenarios with a high probability of turning into a danger for them.

Your marketing strategy should include an in-depth review of your competitors' marketing strategies. You will be able to plan how to manage your company if you carry out the investigation beforehand. This strategy can be interpreted as a reactive one. That is to say, you are basing your strategy on a reaction to how your opponent would operate his company. You are doing this because you are trying to gain an advantage over them.

Try this exercise out in HolaBrief.


Following that, you'll want to determine some goals for your product. These will change depending on the precise product you are promoting, the kind of firm you work for, your overall marketing goals, and more – your goals will be unique to your organization and the circumstances under which it operates. Your project's aims and objectives supply the quantitative statistics you're using to measure the success of the project, whilst your project's objectives tell others what you intend to accomplish in general terms.

Your goals should be crystal clear, easy to measure, and ambitious while still being within reach. Let's go over some of the more universal objectives that product marketers strive to meet: Boost brand recognition and income, interact more with customers, increase market share, steal customers from competitors, and increase customer engagement.

Channels and Key Message

Nominate any regular channels of market access you intend to employ immediately if you have them. For example, if you routinely amplify your ads on social media or if you need images on your landing page that complement your online campaign, specifying it early will save you time later on in the process. However, it is possible that the creative idea will, to a considerable extent, choose the channels that will be used.

The key messages serve to elucidate the meaning and deliver the main point or headline of the matter you wish to tell. The reason why key messages are so significant is that they form the basis for the branding and marketing efforts of a business. These themes should be reflected in all of the organization's written and verbal communications.

Build and Download your Product Advertising Brief Sample

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Join 1000s of agencies using HolaBrief to set up their projects for success.

Ready to create standout work in less time?

Join 1000s of agencies using HolaBrief to set up their projects for success.