HolaBrief integration with
Creative Cloud Libraries

We collaborated with Adobe to integrate Creative Cloud Libraries. Creatives and teams can now access all their creative assets and add their own branding to HolaBrief.

Why Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative consistency

Whether you’re a creative or an agency having brand consistency across all channels can be a challenge. HolaBrief integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries means your briefs will always be on brand.

Everything on hand

Where did I put the logo again? According to a study carried out by Pfeifferrepost.com, On average, it takes 52 seconds to find a file. That can grow exponentially when you have a complex system or a big team. Having everything at your fingertips can save you precious time in the long run.

Smooth process distraction free

Distractions are everywhere and looking for missing files and misplaced colours leads to missing focus. Access your brand assets, and add your custom branding to your briefs without skipping a beat. Focus on your work rather than managing it.

Why did we decide to collaborate with Adobe? Read here

How to integrate Adobe Creative Cloud and HolaBrief

This integration is available to HolaBrief users on the Advanced plan and who also have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership. Follow these simple steps to set up the integration:

  • 1. From HolaBrief, go to Account Settings and select Custom Branding.
  • 2. Click Connect. You will be redirected to the Adobe login page or you will be connected automatically if you already have your session opened on your browser.
  • 3. Once you are connected, simply choose the library where your assets are located and select your logo and your primary and secondary colors.
  • 4. Click Apply to save the changes.

Want more integrations?

If you have feedback or would like us to pursue another integration, click on the feedback button on the right and let us know what you need.